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  1. /o/u/outdoor play equipment paradise 2

    Paradise 2

    kr 31 472,00 inkl. MVA
  2. /c/h/childs climbing frame castle playhouse

    Castle Playhouse 125

    kr 8 095,00 inkl. MVA
  3. outdoor wooden climbing frames playhouse xl bridge

    Playhouse XL Bridge

    kr 21 244,00 inkl. MVA
  4. wooden swings and slides crazy playhouse 2 swing

    Crazy Playhouse 2-Swing

    kr 17 596,00 inkl. MVA
  5. childs climbing frame mansion playhouse 2 swing

    Mansion Playhouse & 2-Swing

    kr 16 930,00 inkl. MVA
  6. /p/l/playhouse slide jungle playhouse xl

    Jungle Playhouse XL

    kr 14 712,00 inkl. MVA
  7. slides and swings crazy playhouse 1 swing

    Crazy Playhouse 1-Swing

    kr 17 233,00 inkl. MVA
  8. kids garden climbing frames chalet playhouse

    Chalet Playhouse 145

    kr 12 943,00 inkl. MVA
  9. childrens climbing frame farm playhouse 2 swing

    Farm Playhouse & 2-Swing

    kr 16 687,00 inkl. MVA
  10. /c/h/childrens playhouse jungle playhouse

    Jungle Playhouse

    kr 5 877,00 inkl. MVA
  11. wooden swings and slides Playhouse XL 2 Swing

    Playhouse XL 2-Swing

    kr 17 124,00 inkl. MVA
  12. wooden swings and slides playhouse l 2 swing

    Playhouse L 2-Swing

    kr 14 470,00 inkl. MVA
  13. kids outdoor climbing frames fort playhouse 2 swing

    Fort Playhouse & 2-Swing

    kr 15 669,00 inkl. MVA
  14. /k/i/kids climbing frame farm playhouse

    Farm Playhouse 125

    kr 13 670,00 inkl. MVA
  15. /c/h/childrens wooden climbing frames club playhouse

    Club Playhouse 125

    kr 8 095,00 inkl. MVA
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Items 1-15 of 41

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Bringing the outside in or the inside out, a wooden playhouse is an ideal basis for creative games, tasks, tactile fun and practical learning. The versatility of kids playhouses makes them safe and stimulating both on your lawn or added to your climbing frame.

Adaptable and multifunctional, a Jungle Gym garden playhouse can grow with your children as they develop. Start with a ground floor playhouse for children aged 1-3 years, then raise it onto the play tower frame to add climbing, sliding and greater levels of spatial awareness to your child’s stimulation as they grow older. All this wooden playhouses are part of a complete set that includes a full complement of Jungle Gym safety equipment.
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