Ladder Rung Peak

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Lengde (cm)33,3
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Garanti2 År
Unique for residential climbing frames are these strong Jungle Gym ladder rungs from HDPE outdoor material with non-slip protection coating, rung caps included. For many years of carefree climbing, without the splinters you get with common wooden ladders. And very easy to clean.. Creates a perfect grip for kids to climb with both hands and feet safely untill they reach the handgrips and platform. Our high performance outdoor materials can be left outside year-round, hassle-free, no matter what climate you call home. Made of durable UV-stabilized outdoor material Available in red, blue, green and yellow Rung Caps are included All Jungle Gym playground accessories and materials are manufactured in accordance with the most recent European requirements, tested by Dekra and awarded with the GS certification for tested safety.

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